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Discover the tools to access your inner happiness. You have everything you need to make a difference in your life and in the lives of the people around you. This journey is about re-accessing it.

For the last decade, Randy Taran has dedicated her life to finding ways to have more happiness in her life and the lives of the people she loves. The 7 Doors to Happiness was created to share the best in positive psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness with you so you can improve your life, no matter your external circumstances. We invite you to open door number one and start your journey toward lasting happiness.

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Have you ever wanted a deeper awareness of who you are? Or have you wanted to master your emotions or perhaps help someone else on their path to greater awareness of themselves? If you have ever thought — there has to be more, more to me, more to life, This course is a foundation to let you uncover and activate greater happiness from within - this is not a cookie cutter one size fits all approach you will be guided to find your own pathway, through drawing on your life experiences, so what you come away with is relevant, personal and meaningful.

Door 1 explores the eternal question - What is Happiness? You'll learn about short term and long-term happiness, how your brain can change and about the power of gratitude.

Door 2 looks at Obstacles to Happiness and how to be calm through the chaos. It's true that struggle is a part of life, but we do have a choice in how to respond to any situation. This door offers some strategies on how to do that..

Door 3 is called Self- Reflection. Most people would agree that knowledge is power. What we don't often discuss is that self-knowledge is a game changer. Reframing your mindset is just one of the tools you'll discover.

Door 4 explores Self — Mastery. You'll learn how emotions are physical, the effectiveness of mindfulness, how to deal with anger and the power of will.

Door 5 introduces you to Compassion in Action. When you're kind to yourself, you have more kindness to give. This door explores self- compassion, compassion for others and the power of forgiveness.

Door 6 delves into Interdependence. We all depend on each other. From relationships with people (dependent, co-dependent independent and interdependent) to relationship with the environment, learn ways to live life as a win win where everyone benefits.

Door 7 is called Share Your Gift. This is where you get to tap into your awesomeness to share.

"The 7 Doors Project explores the idea of your real and lasting happiness, regardless of the circumstances around you. Behind each of the seven doors is the opportunity to explore an aspect of your own path to happiness." -- Yes! Magazine
"The videos were entertaining as well as educational. I think the idea behind the site is clever and the visuals/ format was well thought out and appealing to its audience. The information given was easy to understand and realistic for people to accomplish." -- Maria, Student, Stanford University
"This website allows one to engage in an open dialogue with oneself to understand their mind and their place in finding their path to enlightenment. Furthermore, the ideas presented in this website do not force happiness it allows one to think about their own life and find it as well." -- Trung, Student, University of Southern California
"Project Happiness — Doors to Happiness" online program is a great site. I really enjoyed the different levels they take you on your journey toward achieving happiness. Also, they never seemed to be preaching to me about happiness. It was informative and enlightening, without being forceful and biased toward any one pathway. From the introduction in the first door, leading us through the subsequent doors of obstacles, self-reflection, self-mastery, compassion, interdependence, and concluding with sharing our happiness with the world, I truly felt like I was gaining new insight into familiar concepts on every step of the way." -- Ashley, Student, University of Southern California
"I believe that these materials would be of great interest to college and university students given recent research that a vast majority of people are searching for meaning in their lives and view education as a means for helping them understand life's meaning and their own purpose in life. The materials you have developed and the inquiry process along with them are all wonderful teaching tools."
-- Ralph A. Wolff, President and Executive Director
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities
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